Modelingová agentura R-MODELS se sídlem Třebíč , Brno i Praha

Whose we're looking for

For girls over 18 years:

  • Photo models for soft nudities (acts) - the royalties are from 5.000 to 10.000 CZK (about from 200 EUR to 400 EUR). The photos are taken in our ateliers in Brno and Prague and published in USA.
  • Photo models for hard actions, playing solo or with a boyfriend - the royalties are from 10.000 to 20.000 CZK (about from 400 EUR to 800 EUR) and the photos are published in USA only.
  • Chat-girls for web-chat (web-cams) services, with possibility to work at home through our internet studio – the earnings can reach about 50.000 CZK (2.000 EUR) per month!
  • Dancers, with possibilities of dancing either in Czech Republic or either abroad – in Germany, Japan, Mexico, Spain ... the earnings can reach about 150.000 CZK (6.000) EUR.

For boys aged 18 – 30 years

  • Photo models for making nudities, or actors playing in erotic movies – the royalties are from 5.000 CZK to 10.000 CZK (about from 200 EUR to 400 EUR). The photos and movies are published in USA.

For women and pairs over 18 years

  • Photo models making hard nudities, or playing in erotic movies – the royalties are up to 20.000 CZK (up to about 800 EUR). The photos and movies are published in USA

For the scouts

For the scouts interested in founding new faces for our agency, we offer a very interesting payment. Contact us by phone and we will arrange meeting in our agency!



Recommend them to work for our agency and contact them with us. After we will finish a first job with them, we will pay you the scouting royalty!

For owners of locations and nice premises

Do you have a nice flat, house or an interesting locality which can be used as a working place for taking of our photos or movies? Then don’t be shy and contact us, we offer rents up to 3.000 CZK per day!

For photographers and productions

We offer wide selection from our huge database of models! There is possibility to book them for a particular further cooperation. For web sites, productions and magazines we can offer besides the prepared and ready soft or hard photos and movies also new erotic movies and photos in accordance with your wishes! Please don’t hesitate to ask for examples of our work, which we can send you through email or via common mail on DVD.

When you are interested in

Sign up registration, we will notice your interest immediately and contact you back shortly!

In case you can’t sign up from any reason, come and meet us personally in one of our ateliers. We will tell you everything about this job and advice what are your chances for the success.

For beginners we offer free casting photos in our agency.

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